Roydon Misseldine

Founder and Designer at Subject Studios

Designer at Strategy Design and Advertising

Raphael Roake: I was wondering how you navigate, if you do, ethics within your work?
Roydon Misseldine: Generally you’re getting hired to do a particular job and a client expects a certain outcome. If there’s values along the way that you find don’t align with your own then it’s up to you to take a stand and voice that there’s a better way of doing this. Quite often this can require a lot extra effort to steer a project or person in the right direction, but it’s always worth it.

RR: I think that’s a really proactive way of looking at it!
RM: There’s a scale of ethics, some small, some large. You could refer to it as two doors. The door to bad ethics is really easy to go through while the other door towards good ethics is often the hard route. These doors can pop up throughout any process, decisions about from materials you’re using to where the typeface comes from, it’s all the little decisions that make up a bigger picture in what we do.
RR: Do you think that most people that you’ve come across in industry are conscious of this? Do they practice it?
RM: I believe it’s in our subconscious. If you’ve been brought up with a strong emphasis on what good ethics is, then you're going to subconsciously make decisions that go through that right door without even thinking about it. Everyone might approach it differently. It’s important for people in positions of power to make good ethical decisions and educate those around them.